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Bay windows are a unique architectural solution, but they can also cause a lot of problems. One of the most common is leaking bay window roofs.

In this article, we will discover the main causes of a leaking bay window roof, the consequences of untimely repair of a leaking bay window and how to fix a leaking bay window roof. We will also reveal to you why choosing Ecobuild is the best decision you can make when looking for good contractors.

What can be the cause of the leaking bay window roof?

1. Wear of materials and weather conditions

Nothing can be eternal. Therefore, one of the causes of a leaking bay roof is the materials that were used during the installation of the bay window. Over time, these materials can deteriorate due to age or weather conditions. Since in Jacksonville, Florida is often the season of hurricanes, rains and strong winds, the materials, if they are of lower quality, can wear out much faster and deteriorate the structure of the bay window roof.

2. Poor installation

Another important reason why your bay window roof can leak is improper installation. It can be incorrect sealing, unprofessional processing or poor quality work during the installation of a bay window.

3. Tree branches

Having trees near your bay roof can pose a threat to your bay roof, especially during storms. Tree branches can fall and create friction against the roof, which can damage the roofing materials and create holes for water to penetrate.

4. Window above the bay window

Another common cause of the roof of the bay window is a window that is located above the bay window. There can be many reasons, but the main one is the deterioration of the condition or lack of sealing. If the window is on the second floor, then one of the reasons for the water leakage may be the poor putty of this window.

What can be the consequences of a leaking bay window?

1. Appearance of mold

If your bay window begins to leak and you do not want to call a team of professionals to eliminate the problem, then you should be prepared for the appearance of mold and fungus due to increased humidity in your house. This is not only a nuisance, it is also the main cause of health deterioration, in particular allergic reactions and breathing problems.

2. Damage to roof materials

If a bay window begins to leak and you can’t find where the exact leak is, it could have negative consequences for your roof. This can lead to deterioration of the roofing materials and as a result you will need serious help from professionals to repair the roof.

3. Deterioration of insulation and increase in energy costs

Moisture can damage insulation, and due to a leaking bay window, you can lose heat in the cold season and lose coolness in the summer due to the deterioration of the building’s insulation. Another unpleasant consequence is that due to this leak, heating and air conditioning costs may increase.

How to fix a leaking bay window roof?

If your bay window roof begins to leak, you must act quickly to avoid further negative consequences from this malfunction. What do you have to do? Some of you may choose the path where you want to repair the bay roof yourself. But in fact, there is a great danger of approaching this problem unprofessionally, and the fact that you can hurt yourself. The best solution will be to call professionals who can arrive on time and solve this problem. Who could it be? This is us – Ecobuild contractors! Only we can check obvious damage, find out exactly where the roof of the bay window starts to leak, replace the sealant, and quickly repair the leaking roof. We use only quality materials, one of which is Atlas. It has lifetime guaranteed algae protection. So don’t worry, your roof is in safe hands!

Is your bay window roof leaking? Are you confused about what to do in such a situation? Can’t stop thinking that your home can’t be the same charming and safe place because of a leaking roof? Do you have any questions? Then call us as soon as possible!


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