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If you live in Jacksonville, Florida, then you know how unstable the weather conditions are, especially heavy rains. During such a natural phenomenon, your heavenly rest can turn into worries in a second. And the main problem you can face during heavy rains is leaking roof vents.

But in what cases roof vent leaks, what consequences can there be if you try to ignore the leak during heavy rain and why is it so important to react immediately? In today’s article we will answer these questions. You will also find out why you should choose Ecobuild as your reliable roofing contractor.

Main causes of leaking roof vent

There are many reasons for the vent on the roof leaking, but the key ones are as follows:

1) Incorrect installation

One of the most common reasons for roof vent leaks is poor roof vent installation. Due to lack of professionalism, this can lead to water seepage during heavy rain in Jacksonville, FL. Defects in sealing can be due to incorrect installation of components.

2) A large amount of precipitation in a short time

Due to the large amount of precipitation that occurs in a short period, the drainage and water drainage system may be overloaded. And this will lead to the worst problem – leakage through the roof vents.

3) Damage to the sealant

Do you know why a sealant is used when installing a roof vent? To seal the roof vent base. Due to the action of ultraviolet rays and atmospheric conditions, the sealant can be damaged. This way, water can seep in during heavy rains.

4) Presence of cracks

Be prepared for the fact that due to heavy rains, cracks may form in the roof vent and then water will seep in and cause you trouble.

5) Roof age

If your roofing materials are old, then over time you may notice how these materials begin to decompose and become less effective at draining water. So during heavy rains in Jacksonville, FL, be prepared for water to easily seep through old roofing materials.

6) Rain + strong wind

If it’s just heavy rain, that’s one problem, but if there’s heavy rain and high winds in Jacksonville, FL at the same time, then those are all very serious problems for your roof vent. Because if there is a strong wind during rain, then water can be pressed under the roofing material or through small gaps around the roof vent, which can lead to water seepage.

What are the likely consequences of ignoring a leaking roof vent?

In fact, a leaking roof vent is a serious problem. If you choose to ignore this problem, then you should expect the following consequences:

1) Damage from water leakage

The first thing that can happen if you decide to ignore the fact of roof vent leaks is water damage to the structure of your house. Water can start to seep anywhere: the attic, ceiling, walls, etc. Doing so can compromise the structural integrity of your house and lead to costly repairs.

2) Danger of electric shock

If the roof vent starts to leak during heavy rain and you decide that this is not a problem, then you are at risk of electric shock because water can penetrate the electrical wiring. In addition to electric shock, there is a risk of short circuits and electrical fires.

3) Appearance of mold

If the roof vent leaks, then most likely the humidity will be increased in your house. And the best friend of humidity is mold. Mold not only damages the structure and general appearance of the house, it is also dangerous for health. And if you have breathing problems or allergies, mold can be deadly for you.

4) Increase in energy costs

A leaking roof vent can damage the insulation in the attic, which can lead to increased energy consumption for heating and cooling. In turn, this can lead to higher utility bills if your HVAC system is working harder than usual to keep your house warm.

5) Appearance of pests

If the roof vent leaks, then you should be prepared for the appearance of pests such as termites, ants and rodents in your house. They love moisture just like mold, so if you choose to ignore a leaking roof vent problem, then the structure of your house as well as your health will be at risk.

Why should you choose Ecobuild for roof vent leak repairs?

We understand your needs, so if you have an emergency, we are ready to solve this problem at any time because we are in touch with you around the clock.

If you need roof vent leak repairs after a heavy rain don’t be afraid to contact us. We are waiting for your call!


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