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Roofing Calculator 5 steps to calculate a roof replacement cost

How do I calculate the cost of my roof? What is the cost of new roof Jacksonville FL might be ? Going with the first cheapest quote might not be the best option for you.  Some roofs are simple, yet others are very complex. Just because it cost your neighbor $10,000 to replace his roof, does not mean that it is how much your roof replacement should cost. You may think that googling something like ‘1000 sq ft roof cost’ is a good idea, and it can give you the total price, but it is not. There are many items which affect the estimate of asphalt or metal roof costs.

  1. So, if you have a roof leak, storm damages, or you are collecting estimates because it looks like it is time, the below 5 steps will help you calculate your roof cost.
    1. Understand Your Roof. Understanding what situation you have, is important, therefore below are the key items you cannot afford to overlook with your roof.
      Before you begin a project, you must understand what it will be approximate roof replacement cost.  A basic calculation of labor plus material is not good enough. A roof might seem simple, but might end up costing more than what you planned.  Some of the key reasons are:

      • Roof Height. Can the roof height affect your price? Yes, with each story, price quote should increase. A single-story roof is a standard roof. Now, if your roof is 2 of 3 stories, your costs are going to increase.  You need a large enough crane and plenty of space to drive up close enough to be able to unload material on the roof. *Do Not, load roof by hand, way too costly, because the guys will be worn out for the day and the labor cost in Northeast Florida is very high, $178.50 per hour. The average roof price at least $1,000 extra to load by hand.
      • Wall Flashing. Do you need to replace roof vent flashing  when replacing the shingles?  Maybe.  This is a great question, often overlooked because it can make a $10,000 project turn into a $15,000 or more.  Most of the homeowners chose to close their eyes and hope it doesn’t leak in future.  Since roof is replaced after approximately 17 years, the flashing is not everlasting, therefore it is important to be replaced if it became rusted, oxidized, or damaged during roof replacement process.  Where exactly is this flashing and how is it installed?  Well, the wall flashing is than angled metal, usually extends 5” under shingles and 5” up the stucco/siding wall and travels along the entire wall.  It is nailed and cemented under the shingles and usually nailed and covered by siding making it impossible to detach from wall without removing existing wall finishes. Why replace the roof and leave the old flashing behind?  Well, mostly because homeowners would rather risk than to pay more. But often they get roof flashing leak and regret about their decision.  Ask yourself what is important for you, hoping it doesn’t leak, or knowing that it won’t leak in the near future?
      • Accessibility. Is your driveway strong enough for a heavy crane truck to drive up close enough? Can you offload a dumpster close enough to the roof to prevent double work? If not, then labor is going to cost you more for dropping old material into the floor and then transporting it to the dumpster location.  Laborers need to be able to dispose of old roofing material from roof into dumpster with ease.
      • Roof Slope/pitch.  A regular 6/12 slope roof is not the same at 10/12 slope roof. The higher the number the steeper the roof.  It is harder to walk, therefore needs more safety precautions, project take longer, and material is not easily transferred into the dumpster. If the dumpster is at front of the house but roof is steep, guys will have to throw material down from the back of the house onto the floor, wheelbarrow it around the house and then to throw it over the head into the dumpster.  Lots of extra roof labor costs. Sometimes homeowners think that there is average roof labor cost per sq, but it is hard to give an approximate number, read this article until the end, and you will understand why.
  2. Carefully choose your Material.
      • Do you want a Cheap, Good or a Great Product?  Often the difference between a great product is not that much difference in cost.  Those who are selling a house don’t always care about the shingle material that is installed on the roof.  Does it really matter since there are hurricanes and so many storms in Florida?  Yes, it does.  The name of the Manufacturer, curb appeal. Choosing the right material can save your interior from further damages in case there is a storm that goes through the area. With so many options on material out there, it is important to understand what you are getting for your money.
      • Brand name:  If you know the best product out there, then a name is important to you.  You might want to brag to your neighbor that you went with ATLAS product due to its 3M patent and promises of great curb appeal, the same as good ATLAS roof warranty.  There are lots of manufacturers like, GAF, IKO, CERTAINTEED, OWENS CORNING, so look around and become familiar with the benefits and differences before going with the first thing offered to you.
      • Curb appeal: If you are planning to sell your house in couple years, a roof that looks like new after 5 years is important.  This is the reason we like Atlas Pinnacle Pristine HP42 Architectural Shingles.  Another thing to consider is the options on designer shingles, usually they are almost the same price as the single tone color, but the designer shingle has a newer, cooler look.  So do your research and understand your options.
      • Storm Proof: A wind rating might be important, especially since Florida has over 20 average storms per year.
      • Price: Shingles manufacturers are very competitive, so prices are going to differ slightly.  I suggest you research each material pros and cons and go with the brand and color you like.
  3. Decide on Labor. Not always true, but most of the time if you choose the bottom quote, you get bottom quality.  After all, you get what you paid for.  Why is there such a difference between roof quotes since material is roughly the same price for all roofers?  Well, one factor is company’s labor cost, and you need to understand your options. So there is no average labor cost for roofing, it always depends on what you choose.
      • LOW. I want the cheapest option!  Well, the cheapest option will most likely get you a roofing crew that is dirty, poor quality and/or don’t clean up after themselves. A nail left behind on your driveway can get you a tire replacement ticket of $400.
      • MEDIUM. What do I get for average option?  Well, for one, you get a project supervisor who is on the job, helping set up the project, make sure guys have what they need, and job is cleaned up when it is done.  Cheap labor cost is a crew without a supervisor.
      • HIGH. What do I get when going with the highest cost option?  You get a great customer experience, job always clean, professional quality work, and best roof warranty.  You see, lots of companies start and close, and most of the ones that close down are those that used to be the cheapest option.
      • Miscellaneous fees.  What else can there be to calculate roof replacement cost besides labor and material?  Well, let’s see below:
    1. Permit fee.  Local counties want to know that you are replacing your roof and someone should pay for local county inspections.
    2. Dumpster costs. Don’t forget to call your local dumpster company supplier and find out cost before starting job.
    3. Delivery fee. Can it be loaded by a supply store crane or will it need to be hand loaded.
    4. Portable toilet cost. If there are no toilets nearby, and you don’t want workers going inside, best option is to rent a portable toilet.  Project will last few days, might as well.
  4. Don’t forget the Change Orders.  Is there a certain percentage I should add for a change order? Yes, 20%, if everything goes smooth, great.  If not, better to be prepared. What can cause a change order? Let’s find out, see below list of items I have encountered.  Below are often unseen until the shingle material is removed from the roof and bare decking is visible.
    1. Damaged decking boards. Rotten decking must be replaced to be able to nail shingles into a nailable surface.
    2. Bad flashing. Damaged wall/chimney flashing will allow water intrusion in the future so it will cause chimney roof leak, so no matter how much roofing cement you try to apply.  If it is bad, replace it.
    3. Building code requirements. Building code issues that will not allow you to pass your local city permit inspections are items such as plywood thickness upgrade, chimney cricket upgrade.  Consult with your local roofer or call us.
    4. Rotten Fascia. Fascia boards will prevent proper water drippage and give you problems nailing the drip edge flashing at perimeter of roof.  So once shingles are removed and the fascia is not nailable because it is rotten, it must be replaced.
    5. Rotten framing. Often times in areas where water leak occurred, but it has not made it past the insulation, the decking rots away, and the decking starts loosing its structural integrity. When the framing members of the roof are damaged, it must be replaced because your decking boards have nothing to hold on to.  The structural integrity of your house is outmost importance.

As you can understand after reading this article, it is not easy to calculate asphalt roof cost or metal roof cost. So, call us today to help you estimate your project properly.


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