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Your business is undoubtedly one of your greatest long-term investments, with repairs, maintenance, and upgrades, to your commercial premises an ongoing concern. Roofs, whether composed of metal sheeting, asphalt shingles, or any other materials, are particularly susceptible to aging from environmental conditions, as well as damage due to extreme weather events. From preserving the longevity of your roof, having emergency situations such as leaks attended to, as well selecting the appropriate time and avenue for re-roofing activity, it’s necessary to find a commercial roofer that delivers on affordability, safety, quality workmanship and product. They should also perform all services with the least degree of disturbance to your business operations. Ecobuild commercial roofing company was conceived to accommodate all these key factors, answering the call for high-quality commercial roofing contractors near me for all business owners in the Jacksonville area. The State of the Industry report 2021 for Roofing reveals the top two challenges faced by contractors in the sector to be a lack of qualified and skilled workers, and deceptive bidding and pricing practices. Ecobuild Group Inc president, Pavel Morozov, sought to address these concerns with a company ethos that embraces first-class customer service and communication and a dedicated in-house team of highly skilled roofing inspectors and craftspeople. Ecobuild provides a comprehensive range of commercial roofing services to Jacksonville business owners and those in neighboring parts of Florida. The company delivers emergency repairs, restoration, and installation of all commercial roofing types, working with only the finest materials in certified commercial roofing inspector-led teams. Ecobuild is the recipient of the Gulf Eagle Supply Presidential Award 2022, in recognition of its superior solutions for commercial roof replacement and repair in Jacksonville, Fl.


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Florida is home to some extreme weather conditions, with the harsh sun, thunderstorms, heavy winds, and strong rainfall all occurring at frequent intervals. There are also more extreme climate events, such as hurricanes and tornadoes, which can easily cause structural damage to commercial buildings and especially to roofs. The truth is, even without any harsh weather, environmental conditions alone will cause a roof to deteriorate at such a rate that roof replacements or complete commercial roof installation comprise more than 90% of the market volume and value. As buildings age, the best approach is to schedule regular commercial roofing inspections with a trusted roofing advisory agency such as Ecobuild. By doing so, repairs and maintenance can be performed as required, and roof replacements can be scheduled to occur when absolutely necessary, and at a client’s convenience. Ecobuild is a customer-centric commercial roofing company with a focus on developing long-term relationships with clients. The company has five years of experience providing extensive commercial roof replacement and roof repairs to businesses in Jacksonville and surrounding areas. All Ecobuild staff are permanent employees of the company, recruited for their high skill levels and industry experience. Ecobuild’s Certified National Claim Institute Single Inspector-led teams offer customized commercial roof replacement, repairs, and maintenance to businesses of any scale in Jacksonville, Fl.

Ecobuild commercial metal roofing

Ecobuild is the premier commercial metal roofing company in Jacksonville. Metal commercial flat roofing has risen in popularity in recent years, and distinguishes itself from other types of commercial roofing due to its relatively high installation cost and lower ongoing maintenance costs. Thus when engaging the services of a metal commercial roofing company, whether for the installation of a replacement roof, or for repairs and maintenance, it’s vital to choose commercial roofers with Ecobuild’s level of specific metal roofing experience. If your business has roofing of another type, or is considering a transition from metal roofing to another material flat roofing commercial, Ecobuild has specialists trained in the use, installation, and repair of a wide variety of alternate roofing materials. Schedule an inspection by one of its team members to discuss your commercial flat roofer requirements, and take advantage of Ecobuild’s free roof inspection and $99 roof inspection report. Ecobuild is the commercial flat roofer dedicated to ensuring your business receives the best advice on roofing solutions that are future-forward, long-lasting, stylish, and safe.

Commercial roofers near me

Search commercial roofing near me and you may find the online results a little overwhelming. There are many companies purporting to offer commercial roof repairs in Jacksonville, Florida and the surrounding areas, but not all of them will be reputable.

Here’s how to do your due diligence when executing a commercial roofing contractor near me search online, over the phone, or in person.

  • Verify that the commercial roofing company you are considering hiring has all the necessary licenses and insurance specific to Jacksonville, Florida and that all their team members are covered.
  • Inquire about the materials used for repairs and installation. High-quality materials constitute an important part of commercial roofer repairs, contributing to the durability, safety, and value of all repair and installation services.
  • Find out if your selected commercial roofing contractor offers a warranty on parts and labor. This is especially relevant in commercial roofing services, which may often involve attention to large structures or buildings, and should be a long-term investment in maintenance or repair work and a quality product.
  • Carefully check all quotes and price estimates, with low-balling identified as an unfortunately common practice, make sure you establish clear communication on price points for materials and labor. Ideally, choose a commercial roofing company that provides an all-inclusive estimate of costs.
  • Read reviews, online testimonials, and ask for referrals from people who have recently engaged with commercial roofing maintenance and repair work.

Types of commercial roofers

Ecobuild offers the flexibility of skilled and scalable teams of craftspeople, project managers, and shingle inspectors, who all have extensive experience delivering services across a wide range of roofing types. Ecobuild is the first choice commercial roofing company near me for businesses of all types and sizes, having successfully delivered on roofing projects for office buildings, warehouses, apartment complexes, strip malls, as well as for historic buildings such as churches. Ecobuild specializes in the following roof types:

  • All types of shingle roofing, including Asphalt Shingles
  • Rolled Modified Bitumen roofing
  • TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) roofing
  • Metal roofing

Ecobuild services include, but are not limited to:

  • Shingle roof replacement
  • Roof repairs
  • Stucco repairs
  • Painting, Siding, Windows & Doors, Gutters

Ecobuild Florida commercial roofing services

Searching for commercial roofers near me in Jacksonville, here are some great reasons to choose Ecobuild:

  • Ecobuild offers free on-site roof inspections and $99 roof inspection reports.
  • Ecobuild provides both scheduled and emergency roofing services.
  • Ecobuild provides a five-year warranty on all labor.
  • Ecobuld guarantees a same-day response to all service requests.
  • Ecobuilds arranges and supplies all labor and materials, and facilitates minimum disturbance to your business’ ongoing operations or trade.
  • Ecobuild works on a contract-only basis, with no down payment required until materials arrive on-site.
  • Ecobuild provides transparent costing on all jobs, inclusive of all labor and materials, and with no hidden costs.
  • All Ecobuild jobs are overseen by an on-site project manager who provides quality control of all products and installation.
  • Ecobuild has two in-house Certified National Claim Institute Single Inspectors.
  • Ecobuild has its own fleet of commercial trucks, as well as roof hopper and drone capabilities, to tackle any scale of the job.

Ecobuild commercial roofing maintenance

Prevention is always better, and in most cases cheaper, than a cure. This is why Ecobuild recommends clients to engage with regular commercial roofing maintenance inspections. A commercial roofing inspection performed by Ecobuild will examine the integrity of all roofing structures, diagnose any issues that require immediate attention and schedule a contract of repairs where necessary. It’s the gold standard in ensuring the safety of all your staff, keeping overall commercial roof repair costs for any Jacksonville-based business to a minimum, and protecting the value of your property.

Ecobuild commercial roofing inspector

Ecobuild rigorously maintains all licensing obligations applicable in the state of Florida and ensures that all on-site staff are fully insured. Company president, Pavel Morozov, holds a Florida Certified Roofing Contractor License and a Florida Certified Residential Contractor License. He is also a Certified National Claim Institute Shingle Inspector with more than ten years of experience working in property management, construction, and specifically in the preservation and restoration of properties left to potential decay and ruin in Florida’s mortgage default industry.

Flat commercial roof installation Jacksonville Fl

Ecobuild is also the emergency roofing company on call for any commercial roofing emergency or suspected roofing failure. Regardless of how well your business adheres to a roof maintenance schedule, emergency roofing situations can strike at any time. One of the most common visible signs of roof damage is a leaking roof. This will likely, but not always, be precipitated by a volatile weather event. Sometimes, sudden damage is the result of environmental stress over time and thus will appear to occur spontaneously and in the absence of a storm or any other harsh conditions. If leaking is observed, take care to remove any objects and furniture that could become damaged, and evacuate staff members if there appears to be any threat of a roof collapse. Ecobuild generally recommends clients refrain from attempting any temporary roof fixes themselves, as doing so can be extremely hazardous. Contact Ecobuild, and we’ll send a team out asap to inspect the damage and construct a proposed action plan. In many instances, tarping a roof provides the most effective means of protecting commercial premises from further damage. Ecobuild is Jacksonville’s commercial roof tarping specialist, with the skills and equipment necessary to safely and effectively tarp all types of roofing. Ecobuild extends the same level of same day expert attention and payment deferral options in cases of roof tarping, ensuring that the top priority is the timely attendance of our teams on-site, as well as the safety of our clients and the preservation of their commercial property.

Ecobuild commercial roof repair and installation FAQs

When seeing suggestions for commercial roofers near me in Jacksonville, I’ve come across some roofing contractors who seem to offer reduced rates. Are they a good deal?

Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous operators within the industry who try to undercut the competition but in fact, may have neither the expertise nor the regulatory frameworks in place to deliver on a job. Ecobuild recommends you do a thorough licensing and insurance check on any roofing contractor you are considering hiring. Roofing is a specialized area of the building and construction industry. It requires highly trained staff with the appropriate level of field experience, as well as the right kind of equipment and support. Ecobuild has established a reputation as the shingle specialists, but the truth is, our teams are experts in a wide range of roof types and services.

Our office roof is due for a maintenance inspection soon. We recently noticed a small leak. As we have a tarp and nails on hand, should we try to tarp the roof ourselves?

Ecobuild would strongly advise against it. Firstly, your safety is at risk if you, or any staff members are using ladders to try and access the roof. Secondly, a tarp affixed with nails runs the risk of causing further damage to your roof. We would recommend bringing your maintenance date forward and contacting Ecobuild to attend asap.


Ecobuild aims to make the process of enlisting ongoing support for all your commercial roofing needs, as effortless as possible. Phone today for a free on-site inspection, after which we’ll provide a detailed quote for all parts and labor costs. Alternatively, send us an email request, or connect with us on our Facebook or Instagram.

Commercial Roofing

We are experienced to perform any size job!

  • Churches

  • Apartment Complexes

  • Office Buildings

  • Strip Malls

  • Warehouses

  • and more!

We offer these products and services:

  • Rolled Modified Bitumen Roofing

  • TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin)

  • Asphalt Shingles

  • Metal Roofing