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Flat roofing is an increasingly popular choice for commercial, industrial, and residential builds, as well as for renovations on existing buildings. It adds another dimension to a property, providing an additional level of space that can be adapted for multiple uses. Flat roofs are often constructed from durable materials, are relatively low maintenance, and are cost effective to install and repair. They represent an especially smart choice for Floridians accustomed to the state’s diverse and often chaotic weather patterns. A study into energy efficient renovations of storm damaged residences in Florida concluded that flat roof installation provided enhanced storm resistance and elevated energy efficiency.

It’s no wonder more and more home and business owners choose to go next level with their roofing systems. Ecobuild are the flat roof leak repair, maintenance, and replacement professionals, and the company of choice for all your urgent and scheduled flat roofing needs.

Ecobuild flat roof leak repair service

Often referred to by its Sunshine State moniker, Jacksonville Florida is also the home to a wet season characterized by heavy rainfalls, thunderstorms, hurricanes, and other harsh weather events. Year round exposure to frequent wet and stormy conditions, as well as high humidity, UV rays, and the sun, all wreck havoc on a building’s roofing systems. The result is that flat roofs experience both natural degradation over time. They are also subject to sudden damage necessitating urgent attention. Ecobuild are Jacksonville Florida’s specialists in residential, industrial, and commercial, flat roof repair, maintenance, and construction. Ecobuild provides exceptional customer service focused flat roof repair teams to all residents and business operators in Jacksonville and the greater Northeast Florida region. Company founder and Floridian, Pavel Morozov, leads a permanent staff of dedicated local roofing professionals and National Claim Institute Shingle Inspectors.

How to stop a flat roof from leaking

While there’s very little you can do to prevent thunderstorms, heavy rainfalls, and harsh UV radiation from affecting your flat roof, regularly performed maintenance will help to avoid unnecessary damage. Caring for your roof will also increase its lifespan, presenting cost savings in the long term.

Here are Ecobuild’s top tips for maintaining your flat roof and minimizing the possibility of a leaking flat roof:

  • Keep your roof as free from debris as possible. One of the greatest advantages of a flat roof is that it’s often easily and relatively safely accessed. Maintain a roof space that’s as clean from natural debris, such as fallen tree branches, leaves, and accumulated water. Take care to keep the placement of other objects such as tools and equipment as minimal as possible. The more debris that accumulates on your roof, the greater the chance that you will experience instances of your flat roof leaking, cracking, or being otherwise structurally damaged.
  • Flat roofs are not designed to bear as much weight as other types of roofing. It’s essential not to overload your flat roof with heavy items of machinery or other objects. The more dire consequences of putting too much weight stress on your roof is that you could have a partial or total roof collapse. Be sure to seek expert advice from reputable and knowledgeable roofing experts such as Ecobuild to determine appropriate weight loads for your specific roofing system.
  • Conduct regular visual roof checks. This should include inspecting the surface of your roof to check for accumulated debris, as well as ensuring your roof’s drainage systems are free from obstruction. Faulty drainage can result in flat roof leaks in heavy rain as water invades your roof surface with no means of diversion.
  • Schedule regular maintenance visits from a trusted roofing company. The ultimate flat roof leak fix involves regular routine maintenance visits that both identify leaks when they are minor rather than major issues, and prevents them from occurring. Ecobuild endorses ongoing maintenance and values establishing long-lasting client relationships. With regular inspections by Ecobuild roofing specialists, customers are able to contribute to keep their annual flat roof repair costs to a minimum.

Jacksonville Florida's flat roof replacement cost

A flat roof replacement cost will, in most instances, far exceed the price of repair work. Recent estimates for a full roof replacement in Florida fall anywhere between $7000 and $21,000. Variables such as roof size, roofing material type, and location, all contribute to the exact cost. Ecobuild advocates for consumer awareness of the benefits of regular roof maintenance inspections in the prevention of costly roof replacements where they can be avoided. The company strives to create long-term bonds with its clients, so that they feel they have a trusted source to turn to in the event of any roof emergency, and also for the provision of scheduled maintenance visits. It confirms this strong client commitment with a five year warranty on all works and labor.

flat roof repair

Flat roof repair near me with Ecobuild

Ecobuild excels in providing flat roof repair and maintenance work for Jacksonville and Northeast Florida residents and business owners. Here’s some of the company’s top traits:

  • Ecobuild company head, Pavel Morozov, is a Florida Certified Residential Contractor licensee, Florida Roofing Contractor licensee, National Claim Institute Shingle Inspector, and has extensive experience in repair, restoration, and construction.
  • Ecobuild conducts free roof inspections and comprehensive roofing reports.
  • Ecobuild supplies all labor and materials, and maintains a clean, accessible, and safe site during and post work.
  • Ecobuild jobs are led by an onsite project manager who oversees quality control of all materials and installation.

How to find a leak in a flat roof

Locating the exact spot where your flat roof leaking originates from can be a difficult task, best left to the Ecobuild experts. This is because the visual evidence of a flat roof repair issue, such as a wet ceiling, discolored walls, water marks, dripping, and pooled water, can appear far from its source. Flat roofs are never in fact entirely flat, with their slight incline designed to assist with drainage. Water can easily divert and run away from a point of roof damage due to this sloping action, and to other obstructions to its path such as debris. The only effective method for how to find a leak in a flat roof is to conduct thorough exterior and interior examinations. This necessitates employing a reliable first rate roofing firm such as Ecobuild. Ecobuild leaking flat roof repair company has the equipment, tools, techniques, and industry experience, to safely navigate your roof structure. Its team of trained professionals will conduct free onsite leak inspections. Once assessed, the team will supply you with a proposed flat roof repair quote, emergency mitigation response recommendations, or a flat roof replacement estimate. Unlike other companies you may locate initiating a flat roof repair near me search, Ecobuild are a full service firm, with unparalleled flat roof leak repair and restoration experience.

Ecobuild FAQs

We need emergency repairs on our roof following a storm, do we call Ecobuild or our insurance company?

Both. In the event of an emergency it’s essential to get an Ecobuild roofing team out to your property as soon as possible to assess the damage and perform any emergency mitigation activities that may be necessary to secure your roof and building contents from further damage. Please contact your insurance agent regarding any questions you may have regarding insurance.

Our roof has been damaged by falling branches, what type of urgent repairs can Ecobuild provide?

Emergency roof tarping is often the most effective method of temporarily securing a roof and property against further damage. Ecobuild teams are experts in the secure tarping of roofs using highly durable tarps and a no-nail technique to prevent any further damage to the roof structure. In the event of an emergency call Ecobuild and we’ll have a team out to you as soon as possible.

We own a large commercial premises and have a leaking roof, can Ecobuild assist?

Absolutely. We are a full service roof repair company with the commercial trucking, roof hopper, and drone capabilities necessary to tackle jobs of any scale. Ecobuild’s valued client list includes operators of warehouses, office buildings, apartment complexes, strip malls, and churches.

Our insurance company is indicating a full roof replacement will be available to us, can Ecobuild help?

Yes, Ecobuild works effectively in communication with homeowners and their insurance carriers to provide all services as deemed appropriate to the individual situation. Our knowledgeable customer support staff are always ready to provide customers with information.


Frequently sunny, often wet and stormy, and invariably unpredictable, Jacksonville Florida is the ideal location for the installation of durable flat roofing systems. It’s also the home of the state’s premier flat roof repair, maintenance, and replacement company, Ecobuild. Whether your flat roof leaks in heavy rain, you’d like a thorough roof inspection conducted, or you require maintenance advice and action on how to stop a flat roof from leaking, Ecobuild has you covered. Call today for immediate attention, cost saving advice, and expert repair services.


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