Residential Services


Damage is done to your roof all year long due to weather and other circumstances. We perform all repairs, large and small. We always offer a FREE assessment to determine cause. We also offer damage mitigation to prevent further damage until the repair or replacement can be completed!

Roof Replacement

We are proud to work with homeowners AND their insurance company to ensure your roof replacement is done right. We offer a variety of options on materials, shingles, colors and more. One way we stand out is we go the extra mile. This is essential to prevent leaks in the future!​


At our company, we offer a wide variety of options for the exterior. We do stucco, vinyl siding (in both lap and sheet varieties), cement board siding (also in both lap and sheet options), or traditional wood siding (again, in both lap and sheet varieties). We’re also experienced in exterior painting, gutters and gutter guards, as well as soffits, so you can count on us to handle everything from start to finish.

Residential roofing services

There are many ways in which residential roofing can be damaged. For Florida residents of Jacksonville and the surrounding areas,  residential roofing damage often occurs as a result of the extreme weather conditions for which the state is known. Roof systems are also subject to deterioration over time, leading to leaks and other issues that require urgent repair and attention. If your roof has undergone damage, or is showing signs of wear and tear, you’re certainly not alone in your need to find residential roofing services to meet your repair, replacement, or revitalization requirements. In fact, Google searches for residential roofing companies near me reached their high of interest in July 2021, and have remained high ever since. For as surely as every Florida homeowner has residential roofing of some type, so too are they likely to be in need of residential roof leak repair, maintenance, replacement, or emergency services at one stage or another. Finding the right roofing company to fix your roof and ease your mind is a must. Ecobuild is the roofing company you need. We are Florida’s top pick for everyone who is looking for residential roofing services. Ecobuild residential roofing company is Jacksonville, Florida’s top pick for all types of residential roofing repair and reconstruction.

Jacksonville's premier residential roofing company

Unfortunately for consumers, not all residential roofing service companies provide the same level of trusted workmanship and quality assurance. If you’re never had to work with a residential roofing contractor before, or are not completely satisfied with prior completed work, there are several key things to consider in your search for residential roofing contractors near me. They are:

Does the residential roofing service you are considering hiring have all the necessary licenses and qualifications to provide residential roof repair in Jacksonville FL?

Ecobuild does, with company president Pavel Morozov holding a Florida Certified Residential Contractor License, and a Florida Certified Roofing Contractor License. In addition to this, he and other team members are Certified National Claim Shingle Inspectors.

How do I know if my roofing company will stand by their work?

Ecobuild extends a 5 year warranty on all goods and services.

If you are thinking about picking the contractor with the lowest price you need to think again. Low cost can mean low quality work and low quality materials.

Ecobuild teams with Gulf Eagle Supply for the provision of quality materials and products for the works it carries out on all types of residential roofing.

Does the residential roofing contractor extend favorable payment options?

Ecobuild offers generous 36-month payment plans to clients.

Residential roof repair Vs. replacement

Occasionally, unscrupulous residential roofing contractors may try to convince a customer that a total residential roofing replacement is in their favor. An average sized home’s residential roof replacement cost can be estimated at about $11,500 if there is no other underlying damage. Yes some roofs over time need to be replaced, however a repair may also be a valid solution instead of a replacement. Ecobuild is an industry expert at providing comprehensive, long-lasting, and cost-effective residential roof repair solutions. Call Ecobuild to arrange a free onsite roof inspection or a comprehensively prepared roofing report for under $100.

Residential roof repair in Jacksonville FL

Ecobuild offers the following advantages:

  • 5 years of trusted and continuous service to Florida residents, backed by company owner Pavel Morozov’s extensive industry knowledge and prior experience in roofing construction, roofing installation, roofing repair and building construction.
  • The abilities and tools to execute jobs on any scale. With commercial trucks, a roof hopper, and drone facilities, Ecobuild teams come prepared to tackle any size job and roof systems of any kind.
  • Our use of award winning partners such as Gulf Eagle Supply the recipient of the 2022 Presidential award guarantees the use of the finest quality and most durable products available.
  • All installation and workmanship is quality controlled and overseen by an onsite project manager.
  • Ecobuild supplies all labor and materials, making any repair, installation, or maintenance job stress-free for the client.

Florida residential roofing contractor FAQs

Does Ecobuild do repair work on residential flat roofing?

It’s true some roofs can be challenging to replace but Ecobuild knows how to replace the majority of roofing systems used today. Ecobuild is the shingle expert, as well as a top choice among residential roofing contractors near Jacksonville, Florida and other residential roof coating materials.

 Do we need to contact our insurance company if we want to submit a claim for residential roof replacement or repair?

If you have any questions about insurance coverage on your  residential roofer repair or replacement services, we suggest you contact your insurance agent for assistance.

We have some minor roofing issues but are considering delaying repair work, is this advisable?

In terms of engaging roofing services, sooner is always better. When you notice a change in the way your roof looks or functions, only a thorough inspection such as those carried out by Ecobuild’s expert teams will reveal both the extent of the issue and the repair work required. Failure to address roofing problems can quickly progress to disaster, causing further structural damage, destroying home contents, and compromising the safety of family members and pets. Additionally, in order to remain compliant with insurance policies, the homeowner is obliged to engage in repair and maintenance work when and as required.

Does Ecobuild offer any services in addition to roof repair, replacement, and maintenance?

Yes, Ecobuild teams are also experts at addressing roofing-related issues, providing stucco repair services, painting, and work on sidings, windows, and doors. For any inquiries about the level of repair work, that is relevant to your roofing system and surrounding structures, contact Ecobuild for an onsite inspection.


Don’t risk roofing damage, a roof leak, or neglected roof maintenance, from devaluing your property, causing ruin to your roof, home contents, or bank balance, contact Ecobuild today. Our company guarantees a same-day onsite inspection. It’s also important to remember that in order to remain compliant with insurance policies, homeowners are obliged to engage in repair and maintenance work when necessary. Stay on top of all roofing-related activities and engage the best in the business with a quick call to Ecobuild.


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