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Flat roofs are a key trend that has been steadily gaining traction in the residential and commercial roofing sectors. In accordance, the global flat roofing systems market is surging in value, and is forecasted to experience a ten billion US dollar increase over a five year period by 2026. Flat roofs are increasing finding favor with home and business owners. They can often be installed at competitive rates, are comprised of lower cost materials, claim the advantage of more versatile usage options, and are easier to maintain. Installing a flat roof on your home or office building may be the wisest long term investment you make on property repair or renovation. Here’s the guide to getting it done right from Jacksonville’s foremost authority on all things roofing related, Ecobuild.

Flat roof installation trends

Roof systems are, like all building functionalities and features, are not immune to industry and consumer swells in interest and adoption. Flat roofing installation has increased in popularity due to several key factors. When performed correctly by reputable flat roofing contractors using high-end materials, flat roof installation often represents a cheaper alternative to other types of roofing. In commercial buildings especially, flat roofs avail themselves to increased usage possibilities. With easier access and a firm and relatively flat surface, roofing systems of this type can offer additional space for the installation of equipment and for various other purposes. Flat roofs can also be an aesthetic choice, one that ties in with the architectural vision of a commercial or residential property.

Finding a first rate Florida flat roofing contractor

When engaging in any roof repairments, disaster mitigation activities, or roofing replacement, it’s essential to find a company you trust to deliver quality workmanship and results. Roof emergencies due to harsh weather extremes, premature deterioration, and falling objects, can occur at any time, and are often unpreventable. However inferior roof installation using substandard materials and shoddy techniques can be avoided. Failing to install a flat roof correctly can have disastrous and dangerous results. It can even be as severe as a total roof collapse. Guard against this by choosing flat roof installers with a proven track record of completing superior projects on a relevant scale.

A reputable flat roof installation and repair firm will be transparent about the credentials of its flat roofing installers, as well as providing background information on its company, work ethic and process, as Ecobuild does, a trusted company will showcase its portfolio of completed works on its website, offering links to client testimonials. You can also search for customer reviews on affiliate Jacksonville Florida flat roofing company review sites. Finally, seek out the recommendations of friends and neighbors who have recent experience with flat roofing installers.

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Ecobuild - Jacksonville's top rating flat roofing company

Why Jacksonville, Florida residents and business owners are choosing Ecobuild flat roof installers:

  • Competitive flat roof inspection and installation rates, including free roof leak inspections and comprehensive roofing reports.
  • Highly trained and experienced permanently employed service teams.
  • In-house Certified National Claim Institute Shingle Inspectors.
  • Same day response to all client calls.
  • Peace of mind Five year labor warranty on all completed works.
  • Onsite project manager-led flat roof installer teams for quality control of all materials and labor.
  • Industry partnership with Gulf Eagle Supply, ensuring consistent high quality materials and products.
  • Dedicated and knowledgeable office support staff to answer all client inquiries.
  • Mobile teams that cover a large Northeast Florida service area, including Jacksonville, Fernandina, St Augustine, and Palm Coast.

The importance of maintaining your flat roof

The follow up to successful flat roof installation is to engage with regular maintenance checkups. Doing so will increase your roof’s lifespan, and minimize costly repairs. As a full service maintenance, repair, and flat roofing installation firm, Ecobuild provides free roof inspection checks for its valued Jacksonville customers. It can also perform a comprehensive roofing report for under $100. Schedule in a routine inspection and our service teams can advise and quote on any recommended repair work.

If not properly maintained, flat roofs tend to lessen in their ability to effectively shed water. With heavy rainfalls and storms a common occurrence across Florida, it’s recommended that Jacksonville residents and business operators be especially vigilant about maintaining the integrity of their flat roofing systems with regular flat roofing company check-ups.

If a roof leak does occur, it’s vital to contact your trusted flat roofing contractor as soon as possible. Roof leaks that are left unattended can not only lead to interior damage, they can also result in further structural roof damage. Ecobuild are experts at identifying the origin of any leak, a process that is more difficult with flat roofs where leaks in one area may defer water spills to another.

Ecobuild flat roof installer FAQs

Aside from installing a flat roof, does Ecobuild provide any other services?

Absolutely, one of the chief advantages of employing an Ecobuild flat roof installer team, is that our service people are also experts in shingle roof replacement and repair, stucco repair, painting, siding, windows and doors, and gutters. This enables our teams to deliver a comprehensive program of repair and install work, as well as any follow up maintenance and support that may be required. Clients can rely on Ecobuild for all their roofing requirements, offering a cost effective full-service delivery that negates any need for additional contractor hires.

Our property has just been hit by a storm, we have leaks in our roofing, can Ecobuild help?

Yes, aside from being a flat roof installer company, Ecobuild is also an emergency roofing mitigation and repair agency that guarantees a quick response to all call outs for urgent assistance. Ecobuild teams are experts at emergency tarping services that can provide a temporary durable solution to protecting storm affected property from further damage. As well as offering emergency services, our teams can inspect and quote on necessary long-term repair work.


A roof provides more than a barrier to the elements. It protects the occupants of your home or business, shields your valuable possessions and office equipment from harm, safeguards your livelihood, and adds value and appeal to a building. Trust your life’s work to Jacksonville Florida’s premier flat roofing company, Ecobuild. Our dedicated flat roofing installation and repair teams are ready to inspect, quote, and execute on all flat roofing related matters. 


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